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In 2022, we eliminated over $15 million of client debt!

(This does not include debt eliminated by bankruptcy filings)

The Settlement! - Part 7 of 8


An 8-part case study of an actual FITZGERALD & CAMPBELL, APLC client who did

Part Seven – The Settlement!

Faced with a take it or leave attitude from Fitzgerald & Campbell, Navient made the wise decision to farm out the collection to a collector called Asset Recovery. This is a good thing. It was either that or file suit. In July 2023 we offered them $18K and they responded with $20K! By this time our client had saved up over 30K in the attorney/client trust account and had the funds to pay the “outlay” and 20K was an awesome settlement. So much for never going below 35K!

The necessary settlement agreement was drafted, executed, amounts paid, and the matter closed. That is how our client resolved $98K in student loan debt for 20K to the creditor in little over a year.

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