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How Does One Get Rid Of $98k Of Student Loan Debt For $20k In 20 Months? - An 8-Part Series


An 8-part case study of an actual FITZGERALD & CAMPBELL, APLC client who did

Part One – Consumer Does Some Research When Navient Says The Forbearance Is About To Stop…

When “John” a real estate agent, learned he was going to have to start making payments on his private student loans, he wanted to find out all his options. The payments Navient was asking for were astronomical. He looked online and found several businesses, from debt settlement companies to law firms that offered help with student loans. One was Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC and he first spoke to case analyst Luz Rodriguez in March of 2022.

He related to Luz that he was very concerned about how he was going to make the payments as the total amount was almost $100,000! She explained how Fitzgerald & Campbell has been successful with other clients with the same problem and he should speak to attorney Greg Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald explained that there are only “5 pathways to debt freedom” and that every single person was on one of those roads, whether they knew it or not (for more on this read: 1 Of 5 Plans To Becoming Debt Free).

Fitzgerald advised that if John wanted to settle for less, and get out of debt faster, he was going to have to default on the loans. Navient was not going to negotiate if he was making his payments.

John was naturally concerned about how that would impact his credit rating and Fitzgerald told him the truth: it was going to damage his credit score. No way around it. He also told him that the best settlements required him to have funds to make a lump sum payment. Navient is not going to take half off AND let you make payments. Bottom line, he would need to take a hit to his credit AND save money up to settle if he was going to get out of $98k debt anytime soon and for less.

He was going to have to decide if he was willing to do that. He thanked us for the info and said he would think about it.

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