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Irvine Debt Settlement

Irvine Debt Settlement Attorneys

We Can Protect Your Rights & Negotiate on Your Behalf 

Need to escape insurmountable debt while still saving your possessions and even your credit? Then debt settlement might be the appropriate option for you. Our skilled legal team at Fitzgerald & Campbell can represent you in negotiating a settlement agreement with your creditors that could reduce your debt. 

Our Irvine attorneys are highly experienced in debt settlement and in the negotiation techniques needed to come to a settlement figure that is acceptable to you as well as your creditors. It is a well-known fact that attorneys generally get better settlements than debtors on their own. Turn to Fitzgerald & Campbell to discuss all of your options for debt settlement, as well as judgment settlement.

What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is a debt relief strategy aimed at negotiating with creditors to settle outstanding debts for a reduced amount. When individuals find themselves burdened with overwhelming debt and unable to meet their financial obligations, debt settlement offers an alternative to bankruptcy or default.

While debt settlement can provide much-needed relief, it may have implications on credit scores and may not be suitable for everyone. It's crucial to seek professional advice to determine if debt settlement is the right option based on individual financial circumstances.

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The Debt Settlement Process

In debt settlement, your attorney will negotiate directly with your creditors or the debt collection agencies hired by your creditors. Our goal is to settle your debt for less than what you actually owe, usually for the smallest amount possible that will satisfy your creditors and allow you to make payments. To get started, we assess your current financial situation so that we can determine what needs to be done based on your circumstances.

The advantages of debt settlement include:

  • Clearing your debts on your schedule
  • Lower interest rates
  • Stop accruing interest on existing debt
  • No more calls from creditors
  • No filing for bankruptcy

Our experience has shown that creditors are generally amenable to settling for an amount less than you owe if you have suffered a hardship or as a way for them to avoid a bigger loss should you resort to bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is a valid legal process as it affords creditors payment they might not otherwise receive. When regarded as renegotiation of the contract terms of your debt, it is well-established under the law.

Real Client Results

Conquering Your Mountain of Debt Since 1992
  • $1,043,087.06 settled for $492,701.56 Individual
  • Client Saved $27,433.00! UGH, I LLC.
  • $535,175.56 was settled for $375,000.00 Madison 65 Co
  • Client’s debt was reduced by $314,811.00! National Continental Insurance Company
  • $263,963.17 JUDGMENT VACATED! Los Angeles County Superior Court

What Kinds of Debt Are Eligible for Settlement?

In California, various types of unsecured debts are generally eligible for debt settlement. Unsecured debts are those not tied to collateral, meaning there is no specific property or asset at risk if the debtor defaults on the loan. Some common types of debt that are eligible for settlement in California include:

  • Credit card debt: This includes outstanding balances on credit cards or personal lines of credit.
  • Medical bills: Unpaid medical expenses can often be negotiated for a reduced settlement amount.
  • Personal loans: Unsecured personal loans, such as those from banks or online lenders, may be eligible for settlement.
  • Private student loans: Private student loans that are not backed by the government can be eligible for settlement.
  • Certain types of business debts: Unsecured debts related to small business operations might be eligible for settlement.

It's essential to note that secured debts, such as mortgages and car loans, are generally not eligible for debt settlement since they are tied to specific assets that can be repossessed if the debtor defaults. Additionally, government-backed student loans, tax debts, and child support payments are typically not eligible for settlement. Each case is unique, so it's crucial to consult with a qualified debt settlement attorney to determine eligibility and explore the best options for resolving specific debts.

Why Should I Choose a Debt Settlement Lawyer Instead of a Debt Settlement Company?

Our law firm will match any debt settlement company fees! Here are some of the other reasons clients choose us over debt settlement companies:

  • Creditors don’t want you to file for bankruptcy, so if you use a debt collection company, then your creditors will be thrilled because this option will be off the table if an attorney does not represent you.
  • Creditors can face lawsuits from lawyers if they violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). However, if you don’t have a lawyer in your corner, then debt collectors have nothing to fear.
  • If you are represented by an attorney, then collectors and creditors can’t contact you directly. This means that all calls, letters, texts, and emails must be directed to your attorney. 

Fitzgerald & Campbell Is Here to Help You Become Debt-Free

Debt settlement is an effective way to avoid bankruptcy. It is generally less damaging to your credit score as you move forward than a bankruptcy can be. If you need a debt relief alternative, such as debt settlement, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about getting the financial help you need.

If you are ready to discuss your situation with a lawyer at Fitzgerald & Campbell, please call (844) 431-3851 or contact us online to request your free case consultation. 


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Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "It Was The Right Decision"

    Patricia and Fabiola were both such a great help from the start. It was the right decision to seek legal help when dealing with these debt collectors. The process with Fitzgerald & Campbell was very simple and straightforward, it reduced the stress of my situation greatly for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

    - C.M.
    "Provided Clarity and Prompt Communication"

    We got involved in a domestication of sister-state judgment (from a vehicle accident in Nevada) that involved a different person with the same name, it was originally served to a different address. Several other attorneys had no clue how to deal with this case, suggesting to get our vehicle insurance involved. Attorney William J. Campbell, Luz Rodriguez and case manager Christina did a great job and provided clarity and prompt communication on how to file a motion to vacate this sister-state judgment. The case is now vacated and dismissed without prejudice. Highly recommended.

    - E.C.
    "Fitzgerald & Campbell is Truly Praiseworthy"

    I was in a difficult and stressful situation. I was sued and served over an old personal loan.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell helped me to settle and lowered the judgment amount in less than a month.
    This firm is outstanding and they care about their clients.
    Thank you, Ms. Patricia Mendez for being so passionate and so helpful about my case.
    Now, am stress free.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell is a truly praiseworthy and highly recommended firm.
    Thank you.

    - E.A.
    "You Are All Amazing"

    Thank you very much, Ma'am for the immediate help.

    You are all amazing!🙏🙏🙏

    - E.A.
    "I Can't Thank Fitzgerald & Campbell Enough"

    I found myself dealing with a judgement and wage garnishment, Fitzgerald & Campbell explained to me what my options were on how to settle and get myself out of this situation. I was supplied and guided on how to fill out proper paperwork and never once had to deal with said creditor myself, Fitzgerald & Campbell did all of the communication between myself and the creditor. I can't thank Fitzgerald & Campbell enough (especially Patricia!) For negotiating a settlement I could pay in full and put this whole ordeal behind me. If you are feeling stranded in a hole with everyone coming at you Fitzgerald & Campbell are there extending a friendly hand to get you out of that hole and back on your feet.

    - S.J.
"I've walked in your shoes! Let me do for you what I learned to do for myself." - Gregory M. Fitzgerald, Managing Partner