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Why Can’t I Do This Myself? Why Fitzgerald & Campbell And Not Some Other Firm? How Secure Is My Personal Information? - Part 5 o

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An 8-part case study of an actual FITZGERALD & CAMPBELL, APLC client who did

Part Five – Why Can’t I Do This Myself? Why Fitzgerald & Campbell And Not Some Other Firm? How Secure Is My Personal Information?

John called and said he had one last question (well, three actually): Why couldn’t he do this himself? Mr. Fitzgerald’s initial response was along the lines of the same reason I don’t sell my own house or do my own tree removal. If you want a job done right, get the right professional. The one with the tools and experience. The one who not only has done it before, but many times before. If you value the work you do, you understand “do-it-yourselfers” are not as competent as you at that task.

This is especially true in areas of law and medicine, particularly when there is a lot at stake. A person may be able to get a settlement for themselves, but it won’t be as good. You won’t be certain the settlement agreement is bulletproof. By doing it yourself you are doing exactly what the collector wants you to do. You are not using the very limited tools you have (such as collection harassment laws, bankruptcy protections, lawsuit protections) to get the best settlement.

DIY is learning as you go. Mr. Fitzgerald knows that firsthand. If you know his story, he did this for himself. There was no other option at the time. And he will tell you he would have gotten better results had he used someone else. Communicating with creditors is not something you can learn as you go. They are not to be trifled with. They will hound you. They will misinform you. They will threaten you. They will not take you seriously, and they will be right. They have more money than you, and the law is on their side- you owe the money! And the courts are not your friend either…

Next, he asked what makes Fitzgerald & Campbell better than the other guy? Honesty. We don’t sugar coat it and “sell” you something. There is no “over promise and under deliver”. We tell you the good, the bad and the ugly from the start. We are clear, concise, and to the point. Perhaps more importantly, creditors know that as well. Fitzgerald & Campbell has a long history with just about any creditor or collection attorney that has been around for any significant period of time. They know we are not afraid to litigate, even against the biggest banks. Fitzgerald has been practicing law for over 30 years and has an awesome staff that has been with him for many years. There is no learning on the job at Fitzgerald & Campbell. There is just too much at stake.

Which led to his last question: how do we protect his financial information? Fortunately, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC uses a Client Relationship Management platform that is protected and has a secure portal to communicate and share client data. No sending sensitive information through your email. Also, you can log in at any time to get the latest information about your case. This is much like the portal platforms your doctor uses.

Ok ok ok.. enough!, I get it Greg! Where do I sign up?

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