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Student Loan Debt

California Private Student Loan Debt Attorney

Legal Solutions for Private Student Loan Debt in California

If you have ever searched for "student loan lawyers near me," trust Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC to assist you with your Private Student Loans on a No Settlement = No Fee basis (pre-litigation cases only). Handling these complex loans demands seasoned legal expertise, and we are here to help you navigate through the challenges. Contact our experienced student debt attorneys today to secure the professional assistance you require.

Please note that we currently do not provide assistance with Federal Student Loans due to the constantly changing state of the law and the uncertainty surrounding government actions. When circumstances change, we will reconsider assisting with Federal student loans.

Understanding Student Loans and Their Impact

Student loans are a form of financial aid offered to students to help cover the costs of higher education, including tuition, books, living expenses, and other educational fees. These loans are specifically designed to assist students who might not have the immediate means to pay for their education.

There are typically two types of student loans: federal and private.

  • Federal student loans are provided by the government. They often have fixed interest rates and more flexible repayment plans. They're usually the preferred choice due to lower interest rates and various repayment options.
  • Private student loans are offered by banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions. They might have variable interest rates and usually require a credit check. These loans might offer less flexibility in terms of repayment and typically have higher interest rates compared to federal loans.

Student loans need to be paid back with interest after a student graduates, leaves school, or drops below a half-time enrollment status. Repayment terms, interest rates, and grace periods can vary depending on the type of loan and the terms agreed upon during the application process.

One critical aspect of student loans is that they can have a significant impact on a person's financial situation for years after graduation. If not managed properly, they can lead to financial strain. However, they can also be a valuable tool for investing in education and career prospects.

Key Factors Contributing to Student Loan Debt

Here are several factors that contribute to the accumulation of student loan debt:

  • Rising Tuition Costs: One of the primary contributors to increasing student loan debt is the rising cost of tuition at colleges and universities. As educational institutions raise their fees, students often need to borrow more to cover these expenses.
  • Room and Board Expenses: Alongside tuition, the costs of housing, meals, and other living expenses at college can significantly add to the overall debt burden.
  • Interest Accrual: Student loans typically accrue interest over time. This means that borrowers end up paying back more than the initial borrowed amount. The interest rates can vary based on the type of loan and its terms.
  • Loan Terms and Repayment Plans: The terms and repayment plans chosen during the loan application process can impact the total amount owed. Longer repayment periods might lead to lower monthly payments but can result in higher overall interest costs.
  • Limited Financial Aid and Scholarships: Insufficient financial aid and scholarships can lead students to rely more on loans to cover their educational expenses.
  • Economic Factors: Economic conditions can impact a family's ability to contribute to educational costs, leading students to seek larger loan amounts.
  • Pursuit of Higher Education: Pursuing advanced degrees or longer educational programs often results in higher levels of student loan debt compared to shorter programs.
  • Lack of Financial Literacy: Sometimes, students and their families might not fully understand the implications of taking on student loans, leading to borrowing more than necessary or not fully comprehending repayment terms.
  • Limited Part-Time Work Opportunities: Balancing work and studies can be challenging, and limited opportunities for part-time work might lead students to rely solely on loans to cover expenses.
  • Expenses Beyond Tuition: Costs associated with textbooks, supplies, transportation, and other educational necessities contribute to the overall amount borrowed.

Benefits of Consulting a California Student Loan Debt Lawyer

Rest assured, there are viable solutions for Private Student Loans. Do not fall prey to fearmongering tactics employed by lenders or the misleading promises of "student loan assistance companies." Resolving these matters is not as simple as filling out a form.

Attain the clarity, confidence, and control you need by consulting experienced student debt lawyers who are well-versed in handling such intricate financial burdens.

Here are just some of the many reasons to hire a private student loan debt lawyer from Fitzgerald & Campbell:

  • Expert guidance in navigating complex loan structures
  • Protection against aggressive lenders and collectors
  • Knowledge of changing student loan laws and regulations
  • Potential for debt reduction, settlements, or dismissals
  • Peace of mind and confidence in resolving student loan debt

Commonly Asked Questions

What are some options for student debt relief in Santa Ana, CA?

Student debt relief options in Santa Ana, CA may include loan consolidation, income-driven repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs, and seeking assistance from a student debt lawyer.

Can a private student loan debt lawyer help with negotiating settlements?

Yes, a private student loan debt lawyer may be able to help negotiate settlements with lenders to potentially reduce the total amount owed or come to a more manageable repayment agreement.

Are there any specific laws in Santa Ana, CA that protect students with private loans?

While specific laws may vary, students with private loans in Santa Ana, CA may be protected by consumer protection laws that govern lending practices and debt collection procedures.

Is it possible to discharge private student loans through bankruptcy in Santa Ana, CA?

Discharging private student loans through bankruptcy in Santa Ana, CA can be challenging, but it may be possible under certain circumstances if the borrower can prove undue hardship.

How can a student debt lawyer in Santa Ana, CA help with private loan issues?

A student debt lawyer in Santa Ana, CA can provide legal guidance on private loan matters, negotiate with lenders, explore debt relief options, and represent clients in legal proceedings related to student loan debt.

Featured Case Results:

  • January 8, 2024: Client’s debt was reduced by $11,447.00! From a judgment against our client in the amount of $19,947.00 that was settled for $8,500.00! After our attorney fees and costs of $1,910.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $9,537.00 (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs. Client Case # MSL14-020XX – Contra Costa County)
  • January 5, 2024: Client’s debt was reduced by $45,187.00! In a collection lawsuit in the amount of $68,187.00, that was settled for $23,000.00. After our attorney fees and costs of $5,880.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $39,307.00 (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs Client Case No. 22STCV371XX – Los Angeles County)
  • December 20, 2023: Client’s debt was reduced by $19,668.00! In a collection lawsuit in the amount of $57,668.00, that was settled for $38,000.00. After our attorney fees and costs of $5,306.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $14,362.00 (Rock Creek Capital, LLC vs Client Case No. 23AHCV008XX – Los Angeles County)
  • November 22, 2023: Client’s debt was reduced by $12,160.00! From a judgment against our client in the amount of $38,165.00 that was settled for $26,005.00! After our attorney fees and costs of $2,070.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $10,090.00 (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs. Client Case # 22LBCV001XX – Los Angeles County
  • October 13, 2023: Client’s debt was reduced by $8,667.00! In a collection lawsuit in the amount of $16,874.00, that was settled for $8,207.00. After our attorney fees and costs of $2,880.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $5,787.00 (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs Client Case No. 37-2022-000069XX-CL-CL-CTL – San Diego County)

See more results here.


Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC Saves Hundreds of Thousands on Private Student Loan

by Sam Miller
August 21, 2018

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC negotiated a private student loan debt totaling nearly $200,000.00 for a mere $25,100.00 this past week, saving their client over 87% of the amount due.

The debt originated with Navient Solutions, LLC, and had been placed into collections with National Enterprise Systems (commonly known as NES). The alleged amount stood at $196,465.11 at the time of settlement.

The letter from NES confirming the terms of the settlement is displayed below. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC are proud to continue their pattern of excellent service and phenomenal deals for their clients, and this is a shining example.

GnWLobby1_cropped-1024x484 Welcome

DISCLAIMER: Every case is different. Results depend on the unique law and facts of each case. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC makes no guarantees or warranties about the outcome of any particular matter or case. The Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC website, or the information contained within the website, should be construed as ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.

How to Resolve your Private Student Loans

Step 1: Break Free from the Payment Treadmill to Nowhere! 

*View this Huffington Post articlethat quotes Greg Fitzgerald’s Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Paying Your Unaffordable Private Student Loans.

If you have not already done so, you should seriously consider defaulting on these loans. Although many factors are involved (such as the loan amount), it is essential to speak with an experienced student loan lawyer first. 

We often recommend clients default on these loans when:

  • You can’t afford to pay them
  • You have no idea when they will be paid off. Just as you wouldn't buy a car or a house without knowing when the payments would end, the same applies to private student loans. 

Step 2: Understand Unsecured Debt

Understand that Private student loans are unsecured debt and are no different from your credit card (except for how they are treated in bankruptcy). Since bankruptcy is usually not available for these debts, strategic default is often the only way to get out of debt on most of these loans within your lifetime.

As with any unsecured debt, there are only 3 things they can do to you when you default on a private student loan:

  • Call and write to you, demanding payment (having a lawyer as your representative will stop this)
  • Derogatory report on your credit
  • File a lawsuit against you - examine our case results, and you will find that the only thing worse than a lawsuit is continuing to pay the full amount and never seeing the balance go down. Also, not all clients get sued!

Step 3: Beware Student Loan Assistance Companies

Below is a list of some well-known student loan assistance companies that have been accused of several shady practices, as published by NerdWallet (read the original article here). 

Several of the companies listed below have been charged with various business violations including:

  • Illegal practices by a state or federal agency or found to have engaged in illegal practices by a judge;
  • Being managed by an individual who operates or has operated another business accused of illegal practices by a government agency or found to have engaged in illegal practices by a judge;
  • Being operated by someone who has incurred significant debts or a criminal conviction;
  • The business has been hit with liens for unpaid taxes; or
  • The business is Rated D or F by the Better Business Bureau.

If you’re working with one of the companies below, CALL US IMMEDIATELY!  Let us help you manage your debt and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!


A list of all companies on the watch list can be foundhere.

  • Academic Debt Alliance
  • Action Administrative Services
  • Advantage Student Loan Consolidation
  • Advantage Student Loans
  • Affordable Life Plans
  • Aiding Student Relief
  • Allied Doc Prep
  • AlphaOne Student
  • Amazing Marketing
  • American Student Aid
  • American Student Loan Consolidators
  • ASF Assistance
  • Benchmark Processing Inc.
  • Bright Futures Financial Corp.
  • College Education Services
  • College Financial Advisory
  • Consumer Assistance Project
  • Consumer Financial Resources
  • Consumer Protection Counsel, P.A
  • DFL International
  • Docs Done For You Inc.
  • Document Aid Relief
  • Done With Loans
  • Equitable Acceptance Corporation
  • First American Student Aid
  • First American Tax
  • First American Tax Defense
  • Freedom Student and Tax Defense
  • Global Financial Support Inc.
  • Good EBusiness
  • Grads1st
  • GreenStudent
  • Help Assist Me Default Resolution Services
  • Interactiv Education
  • Lexington Doc Prep
  • Liberty Tax and Student Loan Defense
  • Life Cycle Student Loan Relief
  • Merrill & Hart
  • Miller Student Loan Consulting
  • Nation Wide Consumer Debt Relief Inc.
  • National Secure Processing
  • National Student Aid Care
  • National Student Aid Center
  • National Student Loan Help
  • National Student Loan Rescue
  • National Student Loan Solutions
  • National Student Loans
  • Nationwide Student Aid
  • Navloan
  • Performance Debt Relief
  • Performance Settlement
  • Post Grad Aid
  • Private School Loans Relief
  • Reliant Account Management
  • Select Document Preparation Inc.
  • Select Student Loan
  • Select Student Loan Help
  • SL Programs
  • SLRS
  • Strategic Debt Solutions
  • Strategic Doc Prep Solutions
  • Strategic Student Solutions
  • Student Advocates
  • Student Consulting Group Inc.
  • Student Debt Center
  • Student Debt Relief Group
  • Student Debt Resolutions Inc.
  • Student Debt Solutions
  • Student Financial Resource Center
  • Student Legal Services
  • Student Loan Consultants of America
  • Student Loan Counsel
  • Student Loan Educators
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Center
  • Student Loan Group
  • Student Loan Managers
  • Student Loan Processing.US
  • Student Loan Repairman Inc.
  • Student Loan Resolution Center
  • Student Loan Service
  • Student Loan Service Managers
  • Student Loan Services
  • Student Loan Servicing Center
  • Student Loans Processing Corp.
  • Student Reform Associates
  • Student Relief Center
  • Student Zoom LLC
  • Sunshine Document Preparation Inc.
  • The Center for Student Debt Reform
  • The Student Loan Help Center
  • The Student Loan Project
  • U.S. Student Loan Services Inc.
  • United Advisors Group
  • United Student Loan Division
  • University of One
  • US Direct Student Loan Services
  • US Financial Freedom Center

Real Client Results

Conquering Your Mountain of Debt Since 1992
  • $1,043,087.06 settled for $492,701.56 Individual
  • Client Saved $27,433.00! UGH, I LLC.
  • $535,175.56 was settled for $375,000.00 Madison 65 Co
  • Client’s debt was reduced by $314,811.00! National Continental Insurance Company
  • $263,963.17 JUDGMENT VACATED! Los Angeles County Superior Court

Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "It Was The Right Decision"

    Patricia and Fabiola were both such a great help from the start. It was the right decision to seek legal help when dealing with these debt collectors. The process with Fitzgerald & Campbell was very simple and straightforward, it reduced the stress of my situation greatly for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

    - C.M.
    "Provided Clarity and Prompt Communication"

    We got involved in a domestication of sister-state judgment (from a vehicle accident in Nevada) that involved a different person with the same name, it was originally served to a different address. Several other attorneys had no clue how to deal with this case, suggesting to get our vehicle insurance involved. Attorney William J. Campbell, Luz Rodriguez and case manager Christina did a great job and provided clarity and prompt communication on how to file a motion to vacate this sister-state judgment. The case is now vacated and dismissed without prejudice. Highly recommended.

    - E.C.
    "Fitzgerald & Campbell is Truly Praiseworthy"

    I was in a difficult and stressful situation. I was sued and served over an old personal loan.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell helped me to settle and lowered the judgment amount in less than a month.
    This firm is outstanding and they care about their clients.
    Thank you, Ms. Patricia Mendez for being so passionate and so helpful about my case.
    Now, am stress free.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell is a truly praiseworthy and highly recommended firm.
    Thank you.

    - E.A.
    "You Are All Amazing"

    Thank you very much, Ma'am for the immediate help.

    You are all amazing!🙏🙏🙏

    - E.A.
    "I Can't Thank Fitzgerald & Campbell Enough"

    I found myself dealing with a judgement and wage garnishment, Fitzgerald & Campbell explained to me what my options were on how to settle and get myself out of this situation. I was supplied and guided on how to fill out proper paperwork and never once had to deal with said creditor myself, Fitzgerald & Campbell did all of the communication between myself and the creditor. I can't thank Fitzgerald & Campbell enough (especially Patricia!) For negotiating a settlement I could pay in full and put this whole ordeal behind me. If you are feeling stranded in a hole with everyone coming at you Fitzgerald & Campbell are there extending a friendly hand to get you out of that hole and back on your feet.

    - S.J.

Consult A Student Loan Debt Attorney in California

When seeking an experienced California student loan debt lawyer, consider scheduling a consultation with Fitzgerald & Campbell. We provide you with the legal expertise to take appropriate steps in defaulting on your loans or pursuing other viable solutions. Student loans can impose immense pressure on individuals, and our team of student loan attorneys is dedicated to assisting you.  


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  3. How much Can I Really Save?
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