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In 2022, we eliminated over $15 million of client debt!

(This does not include debt eliminated by bankruptcy filings)

California Auto Related Debt Claims - 2 Types:

If your car has been repossessed and the bank is after more, OR if you were in an accident and an insurance company is after you because you didn’t have enough insurance coverage (or even no insurance), Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can help you to resolve these claims on a contingency fee basis

What if I have an auto accident and no Insurance? 

Insurance Company Claims Against You – this is called “Subrogation”: Accidents happen and sometimes you don’t have insurance to cover it. What happens is the other party’s insurance pays them under their UNINSURED MOTORIST policy. That Insurance Company then comes after you, as the responsible party, for reimbursement. That is called a “Subrogation” claim.

You need to know your rights in these types of cases. If you don’t, it can cost you a lot of money AND EVEN YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE! Again, admit nothing and demand proof!  Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC is so confident that it can save you money that we handle these case on a contingency fee basis (so long as no lawsuit has been filed yet). The contingency fee means you pay no fee unless we settle the claim against you.

Featured Case Results

  • November 03, 2021: A Judgment against our client in the amount of $25,655.00 was settled for $10,000.00! Saving our client 61%! (Explorer Insurance Company – Mountain Recovery, LLC – v. Client. Case #17STLC017XX – Los Angeles County)
  • September 7, 2019: A lawsuit in the amount of $9,868.56 was settled for $00.00!! Saving our client money and stress! (Interinsurance Exchange v. Client. Los Angeles Court County. Case #14k118XX)
  • September 3, 2019: A Judgment against our client in the amount of $46,971.00 was settled for $12,113.00 saving our client over 74%! (Interinsurance Exchange v. Client. Los Angeles Court County. Case # 09CS30XX)AAA-Auto Club settles $17,692.26 claim for $8000
  • A judgment in the amount of $17,975.66 was settled for $7,500.00 (Ford Motor Company V. Client, Case# 05NL236XX)
  • State Farm Mutual Insurance judgment for $5058.59 settled for $1800


DISCLAIMER: Every case is different. Results depend on the unique law and facts of each case. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC makes no guarantees or warranties about the outcome of any particular matter or case. The Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC website, or the information contained within the website, should be construed as ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.

Repossessions: There is a strict statutory code that all auto lenders must follow in order to repossess your auto and pursue any additional amounts due. They don’t always get it right. We can assist you at any stage of the process and save you considerable sums. Do not make a bad situation worse, get some legal advice before you make any decisions. Remember, the lender is not on your side. They are in business to make money. Know your rights.

Deficiency Claims/Lawsuits: If you have already lost the car and now the bank is coming after you for more, we can help. Whether they are just harassing you for money or have sued you, we can settle it for less than you owe. Do not believe what they are saying is correct. Admit nothing and demand proof! Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can get results and at very little expense to you. Imagine being able to hire a lawyer on a contingency fee basis to settle non-litigation claims being made against you? We can and will negotiate a settlement you can live with, make sure everything has been done correctly, and properly finalize your settlement.  That is what hiring Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC as your lawyer does for you.

Being Harassed By A Collector Or Repo Man?

You don’t have to take the abuse from anyone trying to collect money or assets from you. If you are experiencing any harassment, call Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC at 855-709-5788 or email: to learn your rights and how to protect yourself.

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