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Payday/Cash Advance Debt

Consumer Lawyer for “Pay Day”, Cash Advance, & other Predatory Loans - NO SETTLEMENT, NO FEE!

As quoted in the OC Register: October 10, 2014:

“Fitzgerald represents clients who got high-priced loans from CashCall, an Anaheim company that’s in the bureau’s cross-hairs.

 “My concern, generally speaking, is that consumers – the people who are victims – are not the ones getting remuneration,” said Greg Fitzgerald, a consumer lawyer in Orange.”

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What is a Payday Loan or Cash Advance?

A payday loan, also known as a cash advance, is a short-term, high-interest loan typically meant to cover expenses until your next payday. These loans are usually for small amounts, ranging from a few hundred to a thousand dollars, and are often offered by specialized lenders, both online and in storefronts.

The process involves the borrower writing a post-dated check to the lender for the amount they want to borrow, plus the lender's fees. Alternatively, borrowers may provide authorization for the lender to electronically withdraw funds from their bank account on the due date.

The appeal of payday loans lies in their accessibility and speed. They don't typically require a credit check, making them available to people with poor credit scores or financial difficulties.

However, their convenience comes with significant drawbacks:

  • High Fees and Interest Rates: Payday loans have extremely high fees and interest rates, often surpassing annual percentage rates (APRs) of 400%. This can result in borrowers paying back substantially more than they initially borrowed.
  • Debt Cycle: Because of the high costs, borrowers can easily fall into a cycle of debt. If they can't repay the loan by the due date, they might roll it over by paying additional fees, extending the loan and incurring more costs.
  • Impact on Financial Health: Relying on payday loans can worsen a person's financial situation, leading to ongoing financial stress, overdraft fees, and difficulty paying other bills.

Regulations regarding payday loans vary by location, with some places imposing restrictions or caps on interest rates to protect consumers. Despite this, they remain a high-risk borrowing option due to their exorbitant costs and potential to trap individuals in a cycle of debt.

How We Can Help

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, our expertise lies in protecting individuals from abusive or harassing debt collection practices related to payday loans. Here's how we can assist you:

  • Cease and Desist Communication: We can issue a formal "cease and desist" letter to the payday loan company or debt collectors, instructing them to stop contacting you. Once this letter is sent, they are legally obligated to halt communication, preventing further harassment.
  • Debt Validation: We can demand validation of the debt to ensure its accuracy and legitimacy. This process involves requesting documentation that proves the debt is valid and that you owe the stated amount. If the lender fails to provide proper validation, it can weaken their position in attempting to collect the debt.
  • Legal Protection: Our firm can provide legal protection and representation if the payday loan company or debt collectors engage in illegal or abusive practices. We can advocate for your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other relevant consumer protection laws.
  • Negotiation and Settlement: We negotiate on your behalf to reach a fair and manageable settlement with the lender or debt collectors. This might involve reducing the total amount owed, setting up a reasonable repayment plan, or even seeking debt forgiveness in certain cases.
  • Litigation Support: If necessary, we can represent you in court. We're equipped to handle legal proceedings, including lawsuits filed against you by payday loan companies. Our aim is to defend your rights and reach a resolution that works in your favor.

Remember, our firm is here to support and guide you through the complexities of dealing with payday loan debt harassment. Our goal is to alleviate the stress caused by debt-related issues and work toward a resolution that helps you regain control of your financial situation.

Call (844) 431-3851 or contact us online today if you are experiencing harassment from creditors due to a payday loan or cash advance debt in California.

Featured Case Results

  • January 11, 2024: Client Saved $2,756.00! From a $3,486.00 Sky Trail Cash debt, that was settled for $730.00.
  • January 11, 2024: Client Saved $6,959.00! From a $8,209.00 Explore Credit debt, that was settled for $1,250.00.
  • October 18, 2023: Client Saved $4,560.00! From a $9,120.00 Oportun debt, that was settled for $4,560.00.
  • July 27, 2023: Client Saved $2,014.00! From a $3,114.00 Cash Net USA debt, that was settled for $1,100.00.
  • April 26, 2023: Client Saved $2,309.00! From a $4,309.00 Oportun debt, that was settled for $2,000.00. 

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DISCLAIMER: Every case is different. Results depend on the unique law and facts of each case. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC makes no guarantees or warranties about the outcome of any particular matter or case. The Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC web site, or the information contained within the web site, should be construed as ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.


Payday Loans, Cash Advance Loans and Other Predatory Consumer Loans


If you have taken out any of these loans you know all too well the dangerous trap you have been snared in. Extremely high interest rates that soar over 100%. Fees and costs make many of these loans impossible to pay off. You are on a treadmill that never ends and continues to drain you and your family of your hard-earned money. JUMP OFF!

Here’s one client who did:

To anyone looking for help with Payday Loans, Quick Cash, Cash advance or any of the very expensive and aggressive lenders:

Last year I found myself in financial difficulties and made one of the biggest mistakes of my life: I turned to various payday loan and cash advance operators. I fell into the trap of renewing these loans and soon found myself paying way more than I ever borrowed in the first place. I was on a treadmill going nowhere and got further and further into debt to these lenders. I was worried about my job, my house, even my marriage. I was being hounded incessantly to the point that I didn’t even know who I owed or how much.

In desperation I went online and found Greg Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald & Campbell. He is a Calif. lawyer who has a website that intrigued me and I finally called him. I actually spoke to him a few times before I hired him. Even though his monthly fee is pretty cheap, I didn’t have the money. He helped me even though I couldn’t pay him. To be honest I didn’t really think he could do what he said he could. He said he could stop the calls. Said he could resolve them for little or no money. Said it was cheaper to hire him than not to.

My only regret is that I did not hire him sooner. The collectors had me so confused and hammered me day and night. I believe I started with 9 loans that I gave to Greg to handle and literally within weeks he quickly resolved one of them- and with me paying no money. So far we have resolved 5 FDCPA claims, where these loan operators have either paid me money, eliminated the debt, or both, for violating state or federal law. To date, I have personally received over $2000 after paying Greg his fees (and more is on the way). There is not a single loan that I have paid and 4 of my loans are now completed.

More lenders have come out of the woodwork and contacted me, asking for money. Loans I didn’t even know I had. All I had to do was call Greg’s office. I have turned them over to Greg and his staff and I am constantly amazed at how efficient they have been. I started in November 2013 and within 6 months I have turned over to him a total of 15 loans, and we have made 7 FDCPA claims. With Greg’s help I am well on my may to putting this behind me. I can sleep at night. I don’t sweat the mail or phone calls anymore. The piece of mind is incredible. I can focus on my job and family.

If you have any of these loans and are having difficulty, I can’t urge you strongly enough to consult Greg and his law firm help you. You will be glad you did.

Anonymous Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC client
May 2014

Real Client Results

Conquering Your Mountain of Debt Since 1992
  • $1,043,087.06 settled for $492,701.56 Individual
  • Client Saved $27,433.00! UGH, I LLC.
  • $535,175.56 was settled for $375,000.00 Madison 65 Co
  • Client’s debt was reduced by $314,811.00! National Continental Insurance Company
  • $263,963.17 JUDGMENT VACATED! Los Angeles County Superior Court

Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "It Was The Right Decision"

    Patricia and Fabiola were both such a great help from the start. It was the right decision to seek legal help when dealing with these debt collectors. The process with Fitzgerald & Campbell was very simple and straightforward, it reduced the stress of my situation greatly for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

    - C.M.
    "Provided Clarity and Prompt Communication"

    We got involved in a domestication of sister-state judgment (from a vehicle accident in Nevada) that involved a different person with the same name, it was originally served to a different address. Several other attorneys had no clue how to deal with this case, suggesting to get our vehicle insurance involved. Attorney William J. Campbell, Luz Rodriguez and case manager Christina did a great job and provided clarity and prompt communication on how to file a motion to vacate this sister-state judgment. The case is now vacated and dismissed without prejudice. Highly recommended.

    - E.C.
    "Fitzgerald & Campbell is Truly Praiseworthy"

    I was in a difficult and stressful situation. I was sued and served over an old personal loan.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell helped me to settle and lowered the judgment amount in less than a month.
    This firm is outstanding and they care about their clients.
    Thank you, Ms. Patricia Mendez for being so passionate and so helpful about my case.
    Now, am stress free.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell is a truly praiseworthy and highly recommended firm.
    Thank you.

    - E.A.
    "You Are All Amazing"

    Thank you very much, Ma'am for the immediate help.

    You are all amazing!🙏🙏🙏

    - E.A.
    "I Can't Thank Fitzgerald & Campbell Enough"

    I found myself dealing with a judgement and wage garnishment, Fitzgerald & Campbell explained to me what my options were on how to settle and get myself out of this situation. I was supplied and guided on how to fill out proper paperwork and never once had to deal with said creditor myself, Fitzgerald & Campbell did all of the communication between myself and the creditor. I can't thank Fitzgerald & Campbell enough (especially Patricia!) For negotiating a settlement I could pay in full and put this whole ordeal behind me. If you are feeling stranded in a hole with everyone coming at you Fitzgerald & Campbell are there extending a friendly hand to get you out of that hole and back on your feet.

    - S.J.

DO NOT BE AFRAID! The predatory nature of these lenders is only outdone by the collectors on these accounts. Extremely high-pressure tactics and guilt are used to keep you on the “money train” they love. Do not be a slave to these debts. Deny them! Most will violate state and federal laws in order to trick you into paying more. Many of our clients have had successful claims made against these lenders. Many clients have not had to pay these lenders anything due these wrongful collection actions.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY INTO THIS CYCLE OF DEBT! These debts are unsecured, and they rely almost solely on an aggressive collection campaign that many times violates the law. We love these cases because many times we get them to pay our fees and our clients are very happy. It all stops as soon as we can tell them we are your lawyer. If you are on this treadmill you absolutely need to get good legal advice. At Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC we will represent you against these predatory lenders on a contingency basis (prior to any litigation). That means there is NO FEE if THERE IS NO SETTLEMENT!

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC is a consumer protection law firm unlike any other! Results you can count on! Admit nothing, demand proof!


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  3. How much Can I Really Save?
"I've walked in your shoes! Let me do for you what I learned to do for myself." - Gregory M. Fitzgerald, Managing Partner