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Medical Debt

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Given the amount of medical debt that can be accumulated, and how quickly, anyone can be financially wiped out by medical debt virtually overnight. It does not matter how much money you have. For those with little or no resources, bankruptcy is a simple and effective way to get a fresh start. But what about the consumer who has been able to accumulate some wealth, such as a house or other assets? Should they be forced into bankruptcy or pay huge bills that are incomprehensible?

They may not even be able to file bankruptcy! What are they to do?

What is Medical Debt?

Medical debt refers to the money owed by individuals to healthcare providers or creditors for healthcare-related expenses. It occurs when individuals are unable to pay their medical bills or cover the costs of medical services, treatments, procedures, medications, or hospital stays. These debts can arise due to various reasons, including high healthcare costs, insufficient insurance coverage, out-of-pocket expenses, or unexpected medical emergencies.

Despite having health insurance, many people still face medical debt due to deductibles, copayments, and services not covered by their insurance plans. Medical debt can significantly impact an individual's financial stability, leading to stress, bankruptcy, and a strain on their overall well-being.

For some, medical debt might accumulate over time, making it challenging to manage or pay off, especially if they face ongoing health issues or long-term treatments. It can also result in collection efforts by healthcare providers or debt collectors, affecting credit scores and financial futures.

Several factors contribute to the accumulation of medical debt:

  • Lack of Insurance or Underinsurance: Individuals without health insurance coverage or those with inadequate coverage often face higher out-of-pocket expenses, leading to medical debt.
  • High Healthcare Costs: The rising costs of healthcare services, medications, treatments, and procedures can create a financial burden, especially for those without comprehensive insurance or with limited coverage.
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Even with insurance, policyholders often have to pay deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, which can be substantial depending on the plan. Additionally, some services or medications may not be covered, further adding to expenses.
  • Unexpected Medical Emergencies: Sudden illnesses, accidents, or unforeseen medical emergencies can result in substantial medical bills, causing financial strain.
  • Chronic Health Conditions: Long-term or chronic health conditions requiring ongoing treatment, medications, and specialized care can lead to persistent medical expenses and accumulated debt.
  • Balances After Insurance: Sometimes, despite having insurance, individuals receive bills for balances not covered by their insurance plans, leading to unexpected costs.
  • Lost Income: Medical issues often result in lost wages due to time off work for treatment, recovery, or caregiving responsibilities, making it difficult to cover medical expenses.
  • Deceptive Billing Practices: Errors in medical billing, confusing or inaccurate statements, and unexpected charges can contribute to higher medical expenses and debt.
  • Limited Access to Affordable Care: Inadequate access to affordable healthcare services, especially for marginalized or low-income communities, can result in delayed or insufficient medical care, leading to higher costs when treatment is finally sought.
  • Financial Vulnerability: Individuals already facing financial instability or living paycheck to paycheck may struggle to afford even modest medical expenses, potentially leading to debt accumulation.

Why Choose Us?

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, we specialize in debt settlement and can assist individuals dealing with medical debt in the following ways:

  • Negotiating with Creditors: We negotiate directly with healthcare providers, hospitals, or collection agencies on your behalf to reduce the total amount owed. Our expertise in negotiating settlements may result in lower payments than what you originally owed.
  • Legal Protection: We ensure that your rights are protected throughout the debt settlement process. Our legal expertise allows us to navigate complex legal procedures and protect you from potential harassment or unfair collection practices.
  • Developing Repayment Plans: We work to establish manageable repayment plans that suit your financial situation. This might involve negotiating lower monthly payments or a lump-sum settlement to resolve the debt.
  • Reviewing Debt Validity: Our team scrutinizes the medical bills and debt documentation to ensure accuracy and validity. We challenge any discrepancies or errors in billing that could lead to inflated debt amounts.
  • Providing Legal Advice and Support: We offer guidance and support, explaining your rights and options regarding medical debt. Our legal expertise allows us to advise you on the best course of action based on your circumstances.
  • Preventing Legal Action: In some cases, medical debt could lead to legal action such as lawsuits. We work proactively to prevent or mitigate such actions, aiming to resolve the debt before it escalates to court proceedings.
  • Credit Score Management: Our assistance can potentially minimize the negative impact of medical debt on your credit score. We aim to find solutions that help you manage your debt while minimizing the repercussions on your credit history.

It's important to note that every case is unique, and the specific services provided by our team may vary based on individual circumstances. Seeking legal help for medical debt settlement can offer a structured approach to managing and resolving debt while ensuring legal protections throughout the process.

No One is Immune to Medical Debt

Have you ever been able to figure out your medical bill? If so, you are among the very few, and you are probably wrong. There is nothing wrong with insisting a medical provider properly establish what is due. Why are you charged a different amount than insurance companies? Were you told what the charges were going to be? Were you shocked at the charges?

The time has come for consumers to not blindly accept what the medical industrial complex says you owe!

Fitzgerald & Campbell aggressively asserts all defenses available to you, including statutes of limitations, lack of proof, and others. We will also assert all consumer protection laws, such as collection harassment violations.

Featured Case Results

  • August 21, 2023: Client’s debt was reduced by $5,657.00! In a collection lawsuit in the amount of $8,157.00, that was settled for $2,500.00. After our attorney fees and costs of $2,280.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $3,377.00 (Collectibles Management Resources vs Client Case No. 22CECL077XX – Fresno County)
  • April 26, 2023: Client Saved $2,127.00! From a $2,602.00 Memorial Hospital Of Gardena debt, that was settled for $475.00. 
  • October 24, 2022: Client’s debt was reduced by $26,794.00! In a collection lawsuit in the amount of $39,896.00, that was settled for $13,102.00. After our attorney fees and costs of $4,000.00, client’s net savings amount was at least $22,794.00 (California Business Bureau Inc. vs Client Case No. 21CHCV009XX – Los Angeles County)
  • June 20, 2022: Client Saved $2,859.00! From a $5,719.00 Aargon Collection Agency debt, that was settled for $2,859.00.
  • May 24, 2022: Client Saved $4,821.00! From a $6,887.00 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center debt, that was settled for $2,066.00.

See more results here.

DISCLAIMER: Every case is different. Results depend on the unique law and facts of each case. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC makes no guarantees or warranties about the outcome of any particular matter or case. The Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC website, or the information contained within the website, should be construed as ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.


I Have Unpaid Medical Bills. I Can’t File Bankruptcy. What Do I Do?

FIRST, do not assume the amount you are billed is correct.

SECOND, do not assume you must pay the amount billed.

THIRD, do not assume your insurance company has paid the correct amount.

FOURTH, contest all amounts alleged to be due.

FIFTH, negotiate a payment on the total amount only after you are satisfied that the amount is correct.

SIXTH, make sure any settlement agreement is in writing and resolves all amounts due to the provider.

SEVENTH, retain Fitzgerald & Campbell to assist you if you need help. For very low fees, we will:

  • Notify both the medical provider and insurer that we represent you on the account and that all future communications about amounts due must be sent to us
  • Require both the medical provider and insurer to establish the amount billed, its basis, and the basis for amounts paid or unpaid
  • Review these responses for accuracy
  • Contest all unverified amounts
  • Negotiate the amount due, including any hardships you may have
  • Settle the amounts, as requested by you, using legally binding release agreements

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Real Client Results

Conquering Your Mountain of Debt Since 1992
  • $1,043,087.06 settled for $492,701.56 Individual
  • Client Saved $27,433.00! UGH, I LLC.
  • $535,175.56 was settled for $375,000.00 Madison 65 Co
  • Client’s debt was reduced by $314,811.00! National Continental Insurance Company
  • $263,963.17 JUDGMENT VACATED! Los Angeles County Superior Court

Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "It Was The Right Decision"

    Patricia and Fabiola were both such a great help from the start. It was the right decision to seek legal help when dealing with these debt collectors. The process with Fitzgerald & Campbell was very simple and straightforward, it reduced the stress of my situation greatly for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

    - C.M.
    "Provided Clarity and Prompt Communication"

    We got involved in a domestication of sister-state judgment (from a vehicle accident in Nevada) that involved a different person with the same name, it was originally served to a different address. Several other attorneys had no clue how to deal with this case, suggesting to get our vehicle insurance involved. Attorney William J. Campbell, Luz Rodriguez and case manager Christina did a great job and provided clarity and prompt communication on how to file a motion to vacate this sister-state judgment. The case is now vacated and dismissed without prejudice. Highly recommended.

    - E.C.
    "Fitzgerald & Campbell is Truly Praiseworthy"

    I was in a difficult and stressful situation. I was sued and served over an old personal loan.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell helped me to settle and lowered the judgment amount in less than a month.
    This firm is outstanding and they care about their clients.
    Thank you, Ms. Patricia Mendez for being so passionate and so helpful about my case.
    Now, am stress free.
    Fitzgerald & Campbell is a truly praiseworthy and highly recommended firm.
    Thank you.

    - E.A.
    "You Are All Amazing"

    Thank you very much, Ma'am for the immediate help.

    You are all amazing!🙏🙏🙏

    - E.A.
    "I Can't Thank Fitzgerald & Campbell Enough"

    I found myself dealing with a judgement and wage garnishment, Fitzgerald & Campbell explained to me what my options were on how to settle and get myself out of this situation. I was supplied and guided on how to fill out proper paperwork and never once had to deal with said creditor myself, Fitzgerald & Campbell did all of the communication between myself and the creditor. I can't thank Fitzgerald & Campbell enough (especially Patricia!) For negotiating a settlement I could pay in full and put this whole ordeal behind me. If you are feeling stranded in a hole with everyone coming at you Fitzgerald & Campbell are there extending a friendly hand to get you out of that hole and back on your feet.

    - S.J.


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