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Judgment Topics: I Didn’t Even Know a Default Judgment Was Filed Against Me!

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If you have been up against serious financial challenges recently, you could find yourself worrying about serious issues like lawsuits and judgment topics. You may have landed in unfortunate circumstances and are currently not enjoying the best of times; however, most of us have been there and understand how hard it can be to get back on track. The key is to begin taking control, and enlist the help of an experienced law firm like Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC.

Your Debts May Be Overwhelming

You may have become overwhelmed with debt for any number of reasons. As living expenses begin to soar ahead of the average income and pay increases in the US, often it is difficult to make ends meet even when you are working hard. This can be even more challenging if you have a family and are responsible for young dependents. Credit card debt can easily get out of control, and you may begin to have trouble paying bills—especially if you are also struggling with massive student loan debts and/or something else goes wrong too.

It Can Be Difficult to Keep Track of Debt Collections

You may be so busy working and treading water financially that you do not realize how bad things are until you are served with a lawsuit, or worse, you find out later that a default judgment has been filed against you. The steps that creditors and debt collectors follow are usually predictable, but if you are faced with a pile of bills—as well as fielding more calls from debt collectors than you can keep track of—there could be some items that slip through the cracks and show up as unfortunate surprises later. The default judgment would be a perfect example of this.

Do Not Ignore that Judgment Filed Against You

You may not realize you have had a default judgment filed against you until you run your credit report—or someone else does. At this point, it is crucial that you speak with a judgment attorney. They can file a motion to vacate based on your lack of knowledge of the judgment, and go on to fight your case. Most likely, you were not notified because of complete oversight or improper service of process. That may put you in the driver’s seat for winning your case, but you will need the help of an experienced attorney who is familiar with the process of filing motions to vacate as well as litigating successfully afterward.

If you take no action once you discover the default judgment has been filed, you may soon find yourself on the receiving end of more aggressive action by the creditor as they begin seizing property and garnishing bank accounts and pay.

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Call Us for Help

Contact Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC to discuss your options, whether you want to try and negotiate a different payment plan, see the judgment eliminated, or perhaps even file bankruptcy. Our attorneys have decades of experience practicing in these areas, and we are here to help you!

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