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Judgment on Your Credit Report? How to Get It Removed

Credit Report Dispute form opened on the screen of a laptop

As credit card debt and delinquencies continue to increase in the US, so do the number of lawsuits. Creditors today are responsible for clogging the legal system with hundreds of thousands of lawsuits—usually against low-income debtors who do not fight their cases either because they are intimidated by the court setting or feel completely helpless about their finances. With the assistance of an experienced judgment attorney, that does not have to be the case—and you can still fight a judgment even if it was filed and granted two years ago.

In deciding what to do about a judgment that was already granted against you, it is important to take measure of your current situation and evaluate how much the court filing really affects you. You may decide that your best option right now is to do nothing. If you are not planning on making any major purchases, don’t have a lot of assets, and do not have an income, there is not much the creditor can do to you, even with the judgment. If you are busy moving forward though, and want to clean up your credit so you can buy a house or car in the future, consult with an attorney regarding your choices. Good legal help is very important at this point if you do have an income and assets that the creditor can garnish or seize.

To have the judgment removed from your credit report, your best bet is to contest it—and win. Although some time may have passed, you may still be able to fight the judgment as your attorney files a motion to vacate the judgment. If you don’t see winning the case or having it dismissed as an option though, then you may have trouble seeing it removed from your credit report until seven years have passed. If you are working with an attorney who is very experienced in handling judgments and debt settlements though, they may be able to negotiate a payoff that is substantially lower than the amount you were being sued for. It will then be marked as ‘satisfied’ and with extra negotiating, you may also be able to have it removed from your credit report.

Credit Report Dispute form opened on the screen of a laptop

Are you concerned about a judgment on your credit report, or other debts? If you need an experienced judgment attorney, contact us at Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC. We can review your current situation and discuss your options with you. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in all types of consumer rights matters and we are here to help you!

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