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San Bernardino Sheriff Dept. Hacked! Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies Not Being Processed!


If your wages are being garnished by the San Bernardino County Sheriff, the money is not being sent to the judgment creditors. Creditors have been waiting for these payments for months! The same goes for bank levies.

Apparently, the Sheriff Department’s computers were hacked. For weeks the county called it a “network disruption”. It was revealed on May 4, 2023, that the county actually paid $1.1 million to a hacker (some of which was paid by insurance companies). Sheriff Shannon Dicus said there was no compromise to public safety.

Still being investigated is whether any information was stolen. The department is still going through systems to learn what has been affected. Those determined to be safe are being turned back on. Creditors are advising Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC that they have not been sent “any garnishment checks in a few months”. This can be a real problem for anyone whose wages, or bank deposits, are being taken. Not only is the creditor not getting your wages, but your personal information may be at risk.

We encourage anyone who is currently under a wage garnishment or bank levy directed by the San Bernardino County Sheriff to contact them immediately to learn about the status of the garnishment or levy. Your employer will still be attaching your wages and forwarding them to the Sheriff in a system that may be compromised!

If you are currently experiencing a wage garnishment or any type of judgment enforcement against you, Contact Fitzgerald & Campbell for a free evaluation of the matter and learn what your options are to resolve it. View our website to see results, reviews, and much more: Or Call/text to 855-709-5788.