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Unemployment, Collection Lawsuits, Default Judgments Continue

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In the beginning, many citizens (of the world, not just the US) expected COVID-19 restrictions to only last for the short-term. As time went on though, it became pretty clear that coronavirus wasn’t going anywhere. Unemployment remains grim, and projected to remain unstable. Undeniably, times are challenging for so many Americans who were already living paycheck to paycheck.

Recent news cites numbers showing that as of last November 3.9 million US citizens had been unemployed for as long as 27 weeks—an increase from unemployment of 3.6 million in September. Issues like this can have a serious effect on the economy, and especially when so many are unemployed for a long period of time. As Carl Van Horn, director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, explains, these individuals are not only without work, they are refraining from spending too.

“A smaller workforce means a smaller economy,” says Van Horn.

On top of issues arising from COVID, let’s not forget that consumer and household debt were already reaching historical highs quarter after quarter previous to 2020 even. And while red flags may have been popping up, lenders continued to lend, and in fact they still are, although while on a positive note, many programs are also centered around helping people seriously affected by COVID in terms of finances.

Medical bills are crushing many due to COVID, but previous to the viral pandemic, expenses related to health were already known to be the number one reason for bankruptcy filings. If you are worried about debt, and your financial future, speak with an experienced debt protection attorney as soon as possible.

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