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What is the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?

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If you have a private student loan and you been sued by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSL Trust), you may be wondering who they are and why they are the party suing you.

The NCSL Trust is a series of trusts that hold private student loans that have been packaged and sold as investments. The trusts are not a lender, loan servicer or a guarantor of your student loans. They complexity of the NCSL Trusts makes it extremely difficult to prove where your student loan ended up.

Here Is How the Process Typically Works

The individual borrower obtains a private student loan from a bank or other financial institution, which is referred to as the “originator.” Once the money has been paid to you, your loan is transferred to The National Collegiate Funding LLC, which is referred to as the “depositor.” This company holds your loan until it is eventually transferred into the NCSL Trust.

Neither the originator nor the depositor collect your payments on your student loan – that job is performed by the “servicer.” The servicers send the borrower their bills each month from the servicer, who also handles the accounting for the NCSL Trust.

The different NCSL Trusts are identified using numeric codes. If you are sued by a NCSL Trust, contact us for help. We will require the trust to prove, among other things, that you took out the student loan, that they are the proper party to be suing you (that they have the legal right to collect the money from you), and that the amount being claimed is proper. The complexity of the trusts can make finding this documentation difficult, which may work to your advantage.

Graduation cap upside down filled with coins and dollars bills. Student Loans cardboard sign on top

If you are interested in fighting a lawsuit filed by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. The attorneys at Fitzgerald Campbell represent California consumers in all types of debt collections cases.  If you have been served with a collection lawsuit or you believe that you have been subject to an illegal debt collection tactic, we can help.  Contact us for a consultation by calling (844) 431-3851 or emailing us at

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