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Credit Card Lawsuits – What You Can Do When Your Credit Card Company Sues You


Our lives and finances don’t always go in the direction we’d like them to. When unplanned events result in an unpayable monthly credit card bill and a lawsuit is filed by the card issuer, there are steps you can take to resolve the dispute at the lowest possible cost. The first step is to contact a debtor protection attorney at Fitzgerald & Campbell in Orange and Riverside, California. Why?

The attorneys of Fitzgerald & Campbell have decades of experience fighting for the rights of individuals and families facing financial difficulties, including experience prosecuting creditors, debt collectors and debt buyers in more than 200 individual lawsuits. When a credit card company or other creditor harasses, threatens or sues a credit card holder, we can often resolve the dispute with one or more relatively simple steps:

  • Fact checking. Credit card companies are notorious for making errors that cause serious problems and that cost consumers their hard-earned money. Do not assume the credit card company has correctly identified the cardholder it wishes to sue. Do not assume the alleged balance owed is correct. Do not assume the credit card company even has a legal right to sue you in the jurisdiction in which you reside or in a given time period. If the credit card company has made even the simplest factual or legal error, we may be able to have the lawsuit quickly dismissed.
  • Settlement negotiations. If you are certain you owe the balance claimed, a negotiated settlement may be a smart and affordable solution. Credit card companies and the companies that buy debt for pennies on the dollar are often willing to resolve a debt for a fraction of its value. If you are being sued, a negotiated settlement may result in a fast and affordable outcome.
  • Bankruptcy. Credit card debt is almost always “unsecured”. This means that it can be erased or “discharged” in bankruptcy. For many individuals and families, bankruptcy can offer a direct and affordable path to reduced debt. Our team has handled hundreds of bankruptcies and can help you assess your bankruptcy options.

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, our fees are reasonable and we have dedicated our practice and careers to assisting individuals and families eliminate debt in Southern California. To contact us, call (844) 431-3851.

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