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Discover Bank Goes to Trial in Identity Theft Case… and LOSES!

Credit Card

Discover Bank VS Client – Case Number 22CHLC052XX – Los Angeles County Court

Several years ago, our client “John” (not his real name, he had his identity stolen and understandably does not want to be named here) had his backpack stolen from a park when he was playing some basketball. In the backpack was a copy of his Social Security card. He then noticed that credit cards were being opened in his name. He immediately filed a police report and told the Social Security office. “John” works, rents, and pays for private school for his son.

He reached out to the lawyers for Discover Bank to dispute debt prior to being sued by them and they insisted it was his debt and even said he made payments toward it. When he asked where the payments were coming from, they would not tell him.

He was extremely worried. After all, Discover is a big bank, has a lot more money than him, and lawyers cost money. It was very frustrating. They wanted almost $10,000 and would not listen to him.

He found Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC online. He liked the reviews and the results he saw and decided to give them a call. He spoke to Teresa who went over all his options. When he got sued, he decided to hire them. Discover Bank, thought its attorney Suttell & Hammer, APC filed a lawsuit against “John” seeking damages of $9,305.29. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC again asserted that “John” was a victim of identity theft. Discover Bank lawyers asserted that they investigated the issue and found that there was no identity theft and continued to claim “John” owed the money.

The case went to trial and on July 31, 2023, both sides presented evidence and witnesses. The judge ruled in favor of “John” and entered judgment for Defense! When told about the verdict John’s response was:

“No way?! OMG I am so grateful!!! You have no idea how happy my son and I are. Wow I wish u could see my son and I jumping in our living room. This has been such a process I am so grateful. Thank you so much.”

It is always rewarding to defeat a large bank on any claim they make, but what really makes our day is to do so for the little guy and his family. To see them so happy is really the best payment ever.

Everyone needs to know that you don’t have to take the abuse. With the right lawyer you can fight back, and win! Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC has been doing so for over 30 years. They can be reached by CALL/TEXT to 855-709-5788 or email to To learn more, visit our website at