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My Credit Card Company Is Threatening to Charge off My Debt—but I Am Still Paying!


The credit card game can be a stressful one indeed. The journey starts out innocently enough as you receive a new card—with a modest balance allowed—all with the assumption that you will be able to make monthly payments without concern. Most of know how easily this can get out of control though, and before you know it, while you might have every intention of paying off your monthly balances, interest and late fees even may begin to accrue.

Paying Minimum Balances May Not Be Enough

Other unexpected circumstances may arise too, from illness to loss of your job. While you may have been maintaining for a while paying small minimum balances, if late fees have piled up, you may be surprised to see what the credit card company is expecting you to pay to stay ‘current.’ Even if you can’t pay what they expect, you may continue to make smaller monthly payments. The credit card company may have rescinded your charging privileges at this point, but you may still be optimistic that you’ll get up to speed soon.

It may be quite a shock to begin receiving thinly veiled threats about your account being on the verge of being charged off. Considering you have still been paying what you could on your card, is it possible that this may happen? It is, and it’s worth a call to your credit card company to see what type of plan they might like to work out.

Avoiding the Chargeoff is Best

The chargeoff occurs when a creditor considers a debt to be so delinquent that they probably won’t be able to collect on it. You are still on the line for paying the owed amount however, even though the debt may be sold. Avoiding a chargeoff is recommended if at all possible as it will hurt your credit.

Your credit card company may surprise you with a very reasonable payment plan to get your account back into good standing though, and even allow you to start charging on the card again soon. If the account does get charged off though and you see credit card and other debt piling up, this may be the time to consider options for reorganizing with bankruptcy, debt settlement, or debt consolidation.

Let Us Review Your Case

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