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Debt Collectors & Garnishments


When you fall past due on your bills, it doesn’t take long before debt collection agents start calling and harassing you. It often doesn’t take long before the collector files a lawsuit against you. If the court grants the collector a judgment against you, a garnishment against your bank account and/or wages will soon follow. A garnishment is an order instructing a third-party such as your bank or employer to turn over your funds to pay your debt. It is important to understand, however, that the collector must obtain a court judgment before it is entitled to pursue a garnishment against you. Thus, if you have been served with a collection lawsuit, it is imperative that you don’t ignore it! Contact us immediately for help.

If a Garnishment of Your Wages Has Been Filed, Many of Your Federal Benefits Are Exempt Including:

  • Social Security Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits
  • Veterans’ Benefits
  • Civil Service and Federal Retirement and Disability Benefits
  • Military Annuities and Survivors’ Benefits
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Disaster Assistance

Your federal benefits may be subject to garnishments to collect past due taxes, child support, alimony and student loans.

Consumers have the right to file a lawsuit against a debt collector within one year from the date your legal rights were violated. If the court enters a judgment in your favor, you can be awarded a monetary award. In fact, damages resulting from a debt collector’s illegal collection practices can be recovered. Even if you cannot prove actual damages such as lost wages or medical bills, the court can still order the collector to pay you up to $1,000. Additionally, you can recover your attorney’s fees and court costs.

If you have been served with a collection lawsuit, contact us immediately to ensure that a default judgment is not entered against you. Additionally, if you have a garnishment pending against you and you believe your legal rights are being violated, we stand ready to help.

Even if you are pretty sure you owe the debt, there are still valid defenses that may be available to you. Don’t ignore a collection lawsuit – let us help. Our fee structure is based on the type of debt you have, starting as low as $10/month. For a very small monthly amount you will have experienced attorneys working for you.

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