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Don’t Get Scammed by Fake Caller ID

Cell phone with scammer calling on incoming call

Have you ever looked at your caller ID, answered the phone, and it is somebody else? If so, you might be talking to a scam artist.

Using fake caller ID information to trick consumers into answering the phone is becoming a common tool used by scammers. They want you to think it is somebody local or somebody you trust, such as a government agency, law enforcement, your bank or a party you do business with and will answer the phone to speak with. The use of fake caller ID information is called “spoofing” and a con artist will use any phone numbers they can to get you to answer their call.

It is important to understand that caller ID is not a reliable source for verifying who is actually calling. There is no way to know if the caller ID information is legitimate.

Below Are a Few Tips for How to Handle This Type of Call:

  • If your caller ID says it is a government entity calling but it seems suspicious, check it out. You can visit the official website (.gov) to find the agency’s contact information. Remember, an employee of the government will not contact you out of the blue to demand money or your bank account information.
  • Never provide or verify your personal or financial information to anyone who contacts you over the telephone.
  • Do not wire money or send a payment using a reloadable card. Again, you should never make a payment to anyone who contacts you out of the blue over the phone, regardless of what the caller ID says.
  • If the caller is pressuring you to make a payment immediately, you should hang up on them. This is a sign you’re talking to a scammer.

Cell phone with scammer calling on incoming call

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