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Chapter 13’s Co-Debtor Stay


When a consumer files a personal bankruptcy, the automatic stay protects him or her from collection efforts by creditors and collectors. However, if the debtor files a Chapter 13 case, his or her co-debtors get the benefit of the “co-debtor stay.” The co-debtor stay protects the family members, friends or others who co-signed loans with the debtor while the Chapter 13 case is pending. This means that the creditors and collectors cannot pursue collection efforts against the co-debtor, but it does not impact the co-debtor’s liability. Thus, when the Chapter 13 case is concluded, the co-debtor may still be obligated to pay the loan.

It is important to understand that there are certain exceptions to the application of the co-debtor stay. For instance, if the debt was incurred in the “ordinary course of business” by the debtor, the co-debtor stay does not apply. Additionally, taxes are usually not considered to be a consumer debt, so they are still collectible.

The statute governing the co-debtor stay is 11 U.S.C. §1301

The Following Elements Must Be Met for the Co-debtor Stay to Apply:

  • The individual debtor files a Chapter 13 case
  • The debt is a consumer debt that was incurred for personal use
  • The co-debtor is an individual
  • The debt was not incurred in the ordinary course of business
  • The Chapter 13 case is pending (it has not been closed, dismissed or converted to a Chapter 7

If the above criteria are met, the co-debtor stay will be effective for the duration of the Chapter 13 repayment plan.

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