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How to Handle a Debt Collector That Is Calling the Wrong Person


If you have the unfortunate luck of having the old telephone number of somebody who owes a debt, you probably feel frustrated by the debt collectors that continue to harass you. Even though you inform a collector that you are not the person that owes the debt, they continue to call.

How Do You Handle a Collector That Targets the Wrong Person?

There is no magic answer to this question, but below are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t ignore the collector. In fact, you should obtain all the information you can from the debt collector. It is important for you to have the details so you can figure out if the debt belongs to you, if it is a debt that has been sold, if you are the victim of identity theft, or to verify that it is not your debt.
  • Obtain a copy of your credit report to see if the debt is being reported against you.
  • Write a letter requesting that the collector stop contacting you and demand more information. More specifically, demand that they provide you with the evidence they are relying upon to pursue you for payment of the debt. Be sure you keep a copy of the letter and mail it with a return receipt requested.
  • Once you serve your letter on the collector, you have certain rights. The collector cannot continue to keep contacting you after a demand to stop. If the collector ignores your request, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover damages.
  • If a collector harasses you in violation of the law, contact us. There are many debt collectors who don’t play fair because they don’t think you will get the help you need to fight back. We help consumers every day with enforcing their rights and pursuing the compensation they deserve.

Fitzgerald & Campbell handles debt collector harassment cases on a “contingency fee” basis, which means you pay us nothing unless we are successful! There is no charge to you for us to represent you. If we win, we will get paid. If we lose, we will not get paid. It is that simple. The law provides that if your case is successful, the creditor or collector will pay your reasonable attorney fees. Call us today toll free at (844) 431-3851 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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