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Collection Lawsuits After COVID: Millennials Likely to See an Uptick in Evictions due to Unemployment


With a viral pandemic sweeping the world, the human race as a whole has become vulnerable to serious health issues—and in the US, financial issues have continued to escalate with over 50 million left to deal with unemployment, bills to pay, and creditor and debt collection agencies to deal with.

One struggle just seems to escalate the other as sickness and financial duress accompany one another. While all ages have been hit hard during ‘the times of COVID,’ the younger generations are burdened with the loss of many retail and service jobs. A 20-year-old in the midst of trying to pay for school and strike out on their own may have already been in a bit of a precarious situation. The loss of what may have been a first job is worrisome financially—but may also lead to an understandable lack of self-worth in being deemed non-essential.

Older millennials may have been substantially affected too—and the repercussions are even worse for those having just worked so hard to complete expensive college studies and then graduate into a world where career opportunities have been put on hold.

“With this current recession, millennials — especially younger millennials — were more likely to lose their job than were older generations,” said Peter Jones, Ph.D, and Associate Professor at University of Alabama at Birmingham. “And since millennials are more likely to rent than older generations, the looming eviction crisis will be worse for millennials, too.”

No matter what your age is, if you have found yourself with overwhelming bills—and now little to no income to pay them—speak with a debt protection attorney from Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC to get started on reining in debt and protecting your financial future. This is especially critical if you are worried about a collection lawsuit or default judgment.

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