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Which Comes First? Bankruptcy or Marriage?


If you have recently gotten engaged or you plan to get married in the near future, but you are overwhelmed with debt, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced debt relief attorney. You should be honest with your loved one about your financial situation and discuss the timing for obtaining relief from your debt and planning the wedding day. This is an important step in ensuring that your marriage gets off to a successful start.

There are several different types of debt relief available. One of our attorneys can review your individual circumstances and help you determine if debt settlement or bankruptcy is the best option for you. This blog will focus on filing a personal bankruptcy, but to learn more about debt settlement, please click here.

Filing a bankruptcy case before you get married can allow you to discharge or eliminate the majority of your debt before you walk down the aisle. In a typical bankruptcy case, you can eliminate credit card bills, medical debt and various other forms of debt. If you already have a low credit score due to past due payments or defaults, filing for bankruptcy protection will not have a significant impact on your credit score. If your future spouse has a good credit rating, you may be able to rely on his or her credit for major purchases while you are working to rebuild your credit score. With time and hard work, you will see your credit score improve quicker than you might think.

Most people do not want to enter into their marriage with the burden of significant debt hanging over their heads. Take action and confer with a debt relief lawyer to learn more about how a personal bankruptcy filing can benefit you and allow you to start your married life with a fresh financial start.

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy and you need help determining which type of filing would be best for you, contact Fitzgerald & Campbell to schedule an appointment. We do not offer just one debt relief option, we don’t push you in one direction. If bankruptcy right for you, we will tell you. If it’s not, we will tell you that. If bankruptcy is your get out of debt plan, it needs to be done right. It needs to be in the hands of experienced lawyers who have been there before. Contact us today!

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