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Debt Settlement Scam Alert!


Bankruptcy Trustee Alleges Litigation Practice Group (Lpg) Disbarred Attorney Fraudulently Transferred Consumer Clients To 6 Other Law Firms!

In documents made public on June 8, 2023, the appointed trustee for the Litigation Practice Group alleges that the firm’s leader, Tony Diab, repeatedly provided false information to the bankruptcy court, including the hiding of what investigators estimate is more than $15 Million per month still being collected from LPG clients.

If you are sending money to LPG or anyone they have transferred you to: THINK AGAIN!

According to the trustee’s filing, it appears that after filing bankruptcy, LPG started transferring clients to these firms:

Phoenix Law

Oakstone Law Group PC

Greyson Law Center PC

Gallant Law Group

Maverick Management LLC

“As he did with LPG, Diab controls and operated the alter egos, despite them being nominally owned by a licensed attorney” said trustee Richard Marshack. He went on to say in the filing:

“In addition to diverting millions of dollars to third parties, Diab has transferred LPG’s entire business to new law firms free of LPG’s obligations to its creditors.”

LAW360 interviewed Tony Diab, who denies the claims but did acknowledge that he created and operated LPG in 2019 after losing his law license in both CA and NV amid allegations of theft and forgery. Based on the filing, the court permitted trustee Marshack to carry out an asset seizure at the Irvine offices of Phoenix Law.

LAW360 concludes that the outcome of the bankruptcy proceedings could impact tens of thousands of ordinary consumers who signed on with LPG for help challenging their debts. Numerous clients have complained that the firm charged them monthly payments, did nothing to help them, and in many cases made their financial problems worse.

It should be noted that CA law prohibits anyone, including lawyers, from charging any fees to settle a debt until the debt is settled.

The Consumer debt settlement space has long been rife with unscrupulous operators. Anyone needing these services really needs to do their homework and get to know who you are working with. Use a firm that has been in business for a long time, has a good track record, and reviews you can read. Don’t fall for “pie in the sky” promises. Use lawyers that contest cases and file bankruptcies.

Greg Fitzgerald has been practicing law in CA for over 32 years and has a long-established record of resolving debts for consumers and small businesses. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC assists consumers in CA and TN with debt relief, be it debt settlement, collection lawsuit defense, judgment resolution, and bankruptcy. For more information view our website at; email Greg at; or call/text to 855-709-5788.

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